View Driver Scaling Information

View Driver Scaling Information from a Script

You can generate a driver scaling report from within a script by calling the scaling_report method on your driver after all design variables, objectives, and constraints are declared and the problem has been set up.

openmdao.core.driver.Driver.scaling_report(self, outfile='driver_scaling_report.html', title=None, show_browser=True, jac=True)

Generate a self-contained html file containing a detailed connection viewer.

Optionally pops up a web browser to view the file.

outfilestr, optional

The name of the output html file. Defaults to ‘driver_scaling_report.html’.

titlestr, optional

Sets the title of the web page.

show_browserbool, optional

If True, pop up a browser to view the generated html file. Defaults to True.


If True, show jacobian information.


Data used to create html file.

View Driver Scaling Information from Command Line

The openmdao scaling command generates an html file containing driver scaling information. For more in-depth documentation, see openmdao scaling.