Utility functions and constants related to writing a table of variable metadata.

openmdao.utils.variable_table.write_source_table(source_dicts, out_stream)[source]

Write tables of cases and their respective sources.

source_dictsdict or list of dicts

Dict of source and cases.

out_streamfile-like object

Where to send human readable output.

openmdao.utils.variable_table.write_var_table(pathname, var_list, var_type, var_dict, hierarchical=True, top_name='model', print_arrays=False, out_stream=DEFAULT_OUT_STREAM)[source]

Write table of variable names, values, residuals, and metadata to out_stream.


Pathname to be printed. If None, defaults to ‘model’.

var_listlist of str

List of variable names in the order they are to be written.

var_type‘input’, ‘explicit’ or ‘implicit’

Indicates type of variables, input or explicit/implicit output.


Dict storing vals and metadata for each var name.


When True, human readable output shows variables in hierarchical format.


The name of the top level group when using hierarchical format.


When False, in the columnar display, just display norm of any ndarrays with size > 1. The norm is surrounded by vertical bars to indicate that it is a norm. When True, also display full values of the ndarray below the row. Format is affected by the values set with numpy.set_printoptions.

out_streamfile-like object

Where to send human readable output.