Source code for openmdao.visualization.dyn_shape_plot

"""Functions for plotting the dynamic shapes dependency graph."""

import os
import sys
import networkx as nx

from openmdao.core.problem import Problem
from openmdao.utils.mpi import MPI
from openmdao.utils.file_utils import _load_and_exec
import openmdao.utils.hooks as hooks
from openmdao.utils.general_utils import common_subpath

def _view_dyn_shapes_setup_parser(parser):
    Set up the openmdao subparser for the 'openmdao view_dyn_shapes' command.

    parser : argparse subparser
        The parser we're adding options to.
    parser.add_argument('file', nargs=1, help='Python file containing the model.')
    parser.add_argument('-p', '--problem', action='store', dest='problem', help='Problem name')
    parser.add_argument('-o', default='shape_dep_graph.png', action='store', dest='outfile',
                        help='plot file.')
    parser.add_argument('-t', '--title', action='store', dest='title', help='title of plot.')
    parser.add_argument('--no_display', action='store_true', dest='no_display',
                        help="don't display the plot.")

def _view_dyn_shapes_cmd(options, user_args):
    Return the post_setup hook function for 'openmdao view_dyn_shapes'.

    options : argparse Namespace
        Command line options.
    user_args : list of str
        Args to be passed to the user script.
    def _view_shape_graph(model):
        view_dyn_shapes(model, outfile=options.outfile, show=not options.no_display,

    def _set_dyn_hook(prob):
        # we can't wait until the end of Problem.setup because we'll die in _setup_sizes
        # if there were any unresolved dynamic shapes, so put the hook immediately after
        # _setup_dynamic_shapes.  inst_id is None here because no system's pathname will
        # have been set at the time this hook is triggered.
        hooks._register_hook('_setup_dynamic_shapes', class_name='Group', inst_id=None,
                             post=_view_shape_graph, exit=True)

    # register the hooks
    hooks._register_hook('setup', 'Problem', pre=_set_dyn_hook, ncalls=1)
    _load_and_exec(options.file[0], user_args)

[docs]def view_dyn_shapes(root, outfile='shape_dep_graph.png', show=True, title=None): """ Generate a plot file containing the dynamic shape dependency graph. Optionally displays the plot. Parameters ---------- root : System or Problem The top level system or Problem. outfile : str, optional The name of the plot file. Defaults to 'shape_dep_graph.png'. show : bool, optional If True, display the plot. Defaults to True. title : str, optional Sets the title of the plot. """ if MPI and MPI.COMM_WORLD.rank != 0: return if isinstance(root, Problem): system = root.model else: system = root if root.pathname != '': raise RuntimeError("view_dyn_shapes cannot be called on a subsystem of the model. " "Call it with the Problem or the model.") try: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt except ImportError: raise RuntimeError("The view_dyn_shapes command requires matplotlib.") graph = system._shapes_graph if graph is None: raise RuntimeError("Can't plot dynamic shape dependency graph because it hasn't been " "computed yet. view_dyn_shapes must be called after problem setup().") if graph.order() == 0: print("The model has no dynamically shaped variables.") return if title is None: # keep the names from being super long by removing any common subpath common = common_subpath(graph.nodes()) if common: title = f"Dynamic shape dependencies in group '{common}'" common_idx = len(common) + 1 if common else 0 else: title = "Dynamic shape dependencies" common_idx = 0 abs2meta = system._var_allprocs_abs2meta dyn_names = ['shape_by_conn', 'compute_shape', 'copy_shape'] # label variables with known shape at the start of the algorithm in green, unknowns in red. # prepend the shape onto the variable name node_colors = [] node_labels = {} for n in graph: meta = abs2meta['input'][n] if n in abs2meta['input'] else abs2meta['output'][n] shape = meta['shape'] if shape is None: shape = '?' node_colors.append('red') else: for shname in dyn_names: if meta.get(shname, False): node_colors.append('blue') break else: node_colors.append('green') node_labels[n] = f"{shape}: {n[common_idx:]}" nx.draw_networkx(graph, with_labels=True, node_color=node_colors, labels=node_labels) plt.axis('off') # turn of axis plt.title(title) plt.savefig(outfile) if show:
# TODO: add a legend # TODO: use a better graph plotting lib, maybe D3 or something else, to get better layout