Source code for openmdao.vectors.transfer

"""Define the Transfer base class."""

[docs]class Transfer(object): """ Base Transfer class. Parameters ---------- in_vec : <Vector> Pointer to the input vector. out_vec : <Vector> Pointer to the output vector. in_inds : int ndarray Input indices for the transfer. out_inds : int ndarray Output indices for the transfer. comm : MPI.Comm or <FakeComm> Communicator of the system that owns this transfer. Attributes ---------- _in_inds : int ndarray input indices for the transfer. _out_inds : int ndarray output indices for the transfer. _comm : MPI.Comm or FakeComm communicator of the system that owns this transfer. """
[docs] def __init__(self, in_vec, out_vec, in_inds, out_inds, comm): """ Initialize all attributes. """ self._in_inds = in_inds self._out_inds = out_inds self._comm = comm
def __str__(self): """ Return a string representation of the Transfer object. Returns ------- str String rep of this object. """ try: return "%s(in=%s, out=%s" % (self.__class__.__name__, self._in_inds, self._out_inds) except Exception as err: return "<error during call to Transfer.__str__: %s" % err def __call__(self, in_vec, out_vec, mode='fwd'): """ Perform transfer. Must be implemented by the subclass. Parameters ---------- in_vec : <Vector> pointer to the input vector. out_vec : <Vector> pointer to the output vector. mode : str 'fwd' or 'rev'. """ pass