Source code for openmdao.utils.graph_utils

Various graph related utilities.
import networkx as nx

[docs]def get_sccs_topo(graph): """ Return strongly connected subsystems of the given Group in topological order. Parameters ---------- graph : networkx.DiGraph Directed graph of Systems. Returns ------- list of sets of str A list of strongly connected components in topological order. """ # Tarjan's algorithm returns SCCs in reverse topological order, so # the list returned here is reversed. sccs = list(nx.strongly_connected_components(graph)) sccs.reverse() return sccs
[docs]def all_connected_nodes(graph, start): """ Yield all downstream nodes starting at the given node. Parameters ---------- graph : network.DiGraph Graph being traversed. start : hashable object Identifier of the starting node. Yields ------ str Each node found when traversal starts at start. """ stack = [start] visited = set(stack) yield start while stack: src = stack.pop() for tgt in graph[src]: yield tgt if tgt not in visited: visited.add(tgt) stack.append(tgt)