Source code for openmdao.utils.find_cite

Helper function to find all the `cite` attributes throughout a model.
from collections import OrderedDict
import inspect
import sys

from openmdao.core.constants import _DEFAULT_OUT_STREAM

def _check_cite(obj, citations):
    Grab the cite attribute, if it exists.

    obj : object
        the instance to check for citations on
    citations : dict
        the dictionary to add a citation to, if found
    if inspect.isclass(obj):
        if obj.cite:
            citations[obj] = obj.cite
    if obj.cite:
        klass = obj.__class__
        # return klass, cite
        citations[klass] = obj.cite

[docs]def find_citations(prob): """ Compile a list of citations from all classes in the problem. Parameters ---------- prob : <Problem> The Problem instance to be searched. Returns ------- dict Dict of citations keyed by class. """ # dict keyed by the class so we don't report multiple citations # for the same class showing up in multiple instances citations = OrderedDict() _check_cite(prob, citations) _check_cite(prob.driver, citations) _check_cite(prob.model._vector_class, citations) # recurse down the model for subsys in prob.model.system_iter(include_self=True, recurse=True): _check_cite(subsys, citations) if subsys.nonlinear_solver is not None: _check_cite(subsys.nonlinear_solver, citations) if subsys.linear_solver is not None: _check_cite(subsys.linear_solver, citations) return citations
def _filter_citations(citations, classes): """ Filter a dict of citations to include only those matching the give class names. Parameters ---------- citations : dict Dict of citations keyed by class. classes : list of str List of class names for classes to include in the displayed citations. Returns ------- dict The filtered dict of citations. """ if classes is None: return citations cits = OrderedDict() for klass, cit in citations.items(): if klass.__name__ in classes or '.'.join((klass.__module__, klass.__name__)) in classes: cits[klass] = cit return cits