Source code for openmdao.test_suite.components.options_feature_vector

A component that multiplies a vector by 2, where the
size of the vector is given as an option of type 'int'.
import numpy as np

import openmdao.api as om

[docs]class VectorDoublingComp(om.ExplicitComponent):
[docs] def initialize(self): self.options.declare('size', types=int)
[docs] def setup(self): size = self.options['size'] self.add_input('x', shape=size) self.add_output('y', shape=size)
[docs] def setup_partials(self): size = self.options['size'] self.declare_partials('y', 'x', val=2., rows=np.arange(size), cols=np.arange(size))
[docs] def compute(self, inputs, outputs): outputs['y'] = 2 * inputs['x']