Source code for openmdao.solvers.nonlinear.nonlinear_runonce

Define the NonlinearRunOnce class.

This is a simple nonlinear solver that just runs the system once.
from openmdao.recorders.recording_iteration_stack import Recording
from openmdao.solvers.solver import NonlinearSolver
from openmdao.utils.mpi import multi_proc_fail_check

[docs]class NonlinearRunOnce(NonlinearSolver): """ Simple solver that runs the containing system once. This is done without iteration or norm calculation. Parameters ---------- **kwargs : dict Options dictionary. """ SOLVER = 'NL: RUNONCE' def _solve_with_cache_check(self): self.solve() # don't use caching
[docs] def solve(self): """ Run the solver. """ system = self._system() with Recording('NLRunOnce', 0, self) as rec: # If this is a parallel group, transfer all at once then run each subsystem. if len(system._subsystems_myproc) != len(system._subsystems_allprocs): system._transfer('nonlinear', 'fwd') with multi_proc_fail_check(system.comm): for subsys in system._subsystems_myproc: subsys._solve_nonlinear() # If this is not a parallel group, transfer for each subsystem just prior to running it. else: self._gs_iter() rec.abs = 0.0 rec.rel = 0.0
def _declare_options(self): """ Declare options before kwargs are processed in the init method. """ # Remove unused options from base options here, so that users # attempting to set them will get KeyErrors. self.options.undeclare("atol") self.options.undeclare("rtol") # this solver does not iterate self.options.undeclare("maxiter") self.options.undeclare("err_on_non_converge") self.options.undeclare("restart_from_successful")