Source code for openmdao.matrices.dense_matrix

"""Define the DenseMatrix class."""
import numpy as np

from openmdao.matrices.coo_matrix import COOMatrix

# NOTE: DenseMatrix is inherited from COOMatrix so that we can easily handle use cases
#       where partials overlap the same matrix entries, as in the case of repeated
#       src_indices entries.  This does require additional memory above storing just
#       the dense matrix, but it's worth it because the code is simpler and more robust.

[docs]class DenseMatrix(COOMatrix): """ Dense global matrix. Parameters ---------- comm : MPI.Comm or <FakeComm> Communicator of the top-level system that owns the <Jacobian>. is_internal : bool If True, this is the int_mtx of an AssembledJacobian. """ def _build(self, num_rows, num_cols, system=None): """ Allocate the matrix. Parameters ---------- num_rows : int number of rows in the matrix. num_cols : int number of cols in the matrix. system : <System> owning system. """ super()._build(num_rows, num_cols) self._coo = self._matrix def _prod(self, in_vec, mode, mask=None): """ Perform a matrix vector product. Parameters ---------- in_vec : ndarray[:] incoming vector to multiply. mode : str 'fwd' or 'rev'. mask : ndarray of type bool, or None Array used to mask out part of the input vector. Returns ------- ndarray[:] vector resulting from the product. """ # when we have a derivative based solver at a level below the # group that owns the AssembledJacobian, we need to use only # the part of the matrix that is relevant to the lower level # system. mat = self._matrix if mode == 'fwd': if mask is None: return else: # Use the special dot product function from masking module so that we # ignore masked parts. return,, mask=mask)) else: # rev if mask is None: return else: # Mask need to be applied to ext_mtx so that we can ignore multiplication # by certain columns. mat_T = mat.T arrmask = np.zeros(mat_T.shape, dtype=bool) arrmask[mask, :] = True masked_mtx =, mask=arrmask, fill_value=0.0) masked_product =, in_vec).flatten() return, fill_value=0.0) def _create_mask_cache(self, d_inputs): """ Create masking array for this matrix. Note : this only applies when this Matrix is an 'ext_mtx' inside of a Jacobian object. Parameters ---------- d_inputs : Vector The inputs linear vector. Returns ------- ndarray or None The mask array or None. """ if d_inputs._in_matvec_context(): sub = d_inputs._names mask = np.ones(len(d_inputs), dtype=bool) for key, val in self._metadata.items(): if key[1] in sub: mask[val[1]] = False return mask def _pre_update(self): """ Do anything that needs to be done at the end of AssembledJacobian._update. """ self._matrix = self._coo def _post_update(self): """ Do anything that needs to be done at the end of AssembledJacobian._update. """ # this will add any repeated entries together self._matrix = self._coo.toarray()