Source code for openmdao.core.analysis_error

OpenMDAO custom error: AnalysisError.
from openmdao.utils.om_warnings import _warn_simple_format, reset_warning_registry
import warnings

[docs]class AnalysisError(Exception): """ Analysis Error. This exception indicates that a possibly recoverable numerical error occurred in an analysis code or a subsolver. Parameters ---------- error : str Error message. location : None or inspect.currentframe() Inspect.currentframe of error being raised. msginfo : str Name of component that raise the AnalysisError. """
[docs] def __init__(self, error, location=None, msginfo=None): """ Initialize AnalysisError. """ super().__init__(error) if location is not None: with reset_warning_registry(): warnings.formatwarning = _warn_simple_format msg = (f"Analysis Error: {msginfo} Line {location.lineno} of file " f"{location.filename}") warnings.warn(msg, UserWarning, 2)