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2022 Workshop Proceedings

PDFs of the presentations are available below. Videos of the presentations have been uploaded to youtube and linked here after they are edited in the coming month. Check this post for updates.

Government and Industry Presentations

  • OpenMDAO Development Update (pdf | video)- Rob Falck, NASA
  • Improvements to Interpolators & Lessons Learned (pdf | video) – John Jasa, NASA
  • Dymos Development Update (pdf | video) – Rob Falck, NASA
  • Model-Based Systems Analysis & Engineering (MBSA&E) for the Sustainable Flight National Partnership (SFNP) (pdf | video) – Eric Hendricks, NASA
  • Training resources being developed (pdf | video) – John Jasa, NASA
  • Improvement Proposals – Poems ( video ) – Rob Falck, NASA
  • Co-design of Transmission & Distribution for improved power system planning and Operation (pdf | video) – Aadil Latif, NREL
  • Project Gemini: Towards Gradient-Based Optimization Using Measures of Effectiveness (pdf | video) – Christopher Lupp, AFRL
  • Gradient-Based Optimization of Power and Thermal Management Systems (pdf | video) – Christopher Lupp, AFRL
  • Leveraging on OpenMDAO to enhance MDO capability at ONERA (pdf | video) – S├ębastien Defoort, ONERA
  • Mphys: Standardizing High-Fidelity Optimization with OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Kevin Jacobson, NASA
  • Community Needs Discussion (video unavailable)

Academia Presentations

  • MDO with Coupled Adjoints: From the Unified Derivatives Equation to OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Joaquim Martins, University of Michigan
  • Conceptual Aircraft Design in OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Eytan Adler, University of Michigan
  • Towards Efficient Aero-Structural-Acoustic Optimization for Urban Air Mobility Vehicle Design (pdf | video) – Bernardo Pacini, University of Michigan
  • Aeropropulsive Design Optimization and Nonlinear Solver Development in OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Anil Yildirim, University of Michigan
  • Coupled Spacecraft System and Trajectory Optimization Framework using GMAT and OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Gage Harris, Iow a State University
  • Design of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Using OpenMDAO and Dymos (pdf | video) – Yong Hoon Lee, University of Memphis
  • Topology Optimization, Second Derivatives and OpenMDAO (pdf | video) – Graeme Kennedy, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Novel Offshore Systems (pdf | video) – Kapil Khanal, Cornell University

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