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Happy New Year from the OpenMDAO Team

We are continuing to tackle the requests for capabilities and features which came up at the OpenMDAO workshop in October 2022. Given the new year, we will be updating our roadmap soon to plan a general path for development in 2023.

Justin Gray has departed the OpenMDAO team after over a decade of leading the project. The OpenMDAO project is a direct result of Justin’s effort to expand adjoint-based optimization and increase the complexity of NASA’s system-modeling capabilities for aviation. Under Justin’s leadership, OpenMDAO was developed from the idea that adjoint-based optimization would be more efficient, to successful system-level studies of novel hybrid and all-electric aircraft. Justin’s future effort will be focused on a start-up that he co-founded and we have no doubt he will be successful to anything he applies his talents to. If you wish to reach out to him personally, please contact him via Justin’s personal email.

We often said that Justin did the work of two people and so it’s no surprise that we have two people stepping up to fulfill different aspects that Justin previously managed. Rob Falck will continue as the development team lead for OpenMDAO and Dymos, managing aspects of the codes’ technical development. Eliot Aretskin-Hariton will be the external partnerships lead. Eliot organized the 2022 OpenMDAO workshop and has also been serving as the integration-lead for the large system-level optimizations that the team has been publishing over the last few years including the Tilt-wing and Quad-Rotor concept vehicles. (You can read more about those in Publications if you have not read them already.) If you’re looking for new ways to collaborate with the OpenMDAO team, please send Eliot an email.

-Eliot and Rob

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