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OpenMDAO V3.1.0 Released

V3.1.0 has quite a few new features and a few small tweaks to the API (we’ve deprecated the old APIs). You can read all the details in the release notes, but here are a few highlights:

  • we tweaked the definition of light year in our units lib to match the international standard (it was a little off before).
  • We added the ability to set units when you add design variables, objectives, or constraints to a driver
  • We cleaned up the options and details in the case recording, and made some significant improvements to the docs for case recording. There two new tutorials (basic and advanced) and a reorganized feature guide too
  • The N2 viewer has gotten a bunch of updates.

We made this release on May 1 2020. Our intention is to keep to a monthly release schedule from now on, in order to get the updates from the development branch released more regularly. So you can expect another release around June 1, 2020.

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