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Come to a discussion about MDO Community Test Problems

Despite AIAA Aviation 2020 moving to a virtual format, there is still a chance for some “in person” discussion via video conferencing software.

On Monday June 15th, at 2:00 Eastern Time, I’ll be leading a discussion about development of a new MDO test problem suite. There have been two versions of previous test suites, but they haven’t gained wide adoption. In my opinion that was due, in large part, to a lack of reference implementations provided with the test suite.

In recent years many new open source disciplinary analysis tools and MDO algorithms have been releases. These can provide the basis for reference implementations of test suite problems. Along with social coding tools like GitHub we have the necessary ingredients to provide a test suite that has realistic, challenging problems with ready-to-run reference implementations.

If you’re registered for the conference, I hope you’ll attend and participate in the discussion. One nice thing about the virtual format is that all of the presentations are pre-recorded and posted early. So they are already up. I’ve linked to each presentation here, but you’ll only be able to see them if your registered for the conference.

We have 4 different proposals for new problems:

  1. MDO Problem Suite V3: We have the technology, we can rebuild it
  2. Design of a high-bypass turbofan engine using OpenMDAO + PyCycle
  3. An Aeropropulsive Test Problem: Coupling CFD Simulations with a Propulsion Model
  4. Wind Farm Optimization Benchmark Problems
  5. Multi-fidelity aero-strutural shape optimization test problem

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