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YouTube lectures on various optimization topics

When working in the office, I rely heavily on white boards for technical problem solving. Thanks to the the pandemic I’m working from home and deprived of my critical white boards. So I’ve been forced to “innovate” and learn to use a tablet and stylus instead… oh poor me, right?

Im not complaining at all, just looking for the solver lining here. Tablets are actually pretty easy to record on, and thanks to some tips from colleagues who are doing a lot of remote teaching these days I managed to cobble together a reasonable set up. So now, I can record lectures on optimization related topics and post them on the internet for all to comment on — be gentle, I’m delicate!

Practical Optimization Topics

I don’t have a detailed plan for a complete course yet, so for now I am recording topics that I end up having to explain to others anyway. These will mostly be practical topics that come up often with new users, though occasionally they might cover something more advanced about the guts of OpenMDAO. Im not going to duplicate the existing OpenMDAO documentation, but rather try to supplement it.

The first two lectures are already posted to the youtube channel! You can subscribe to the channel so you get notified when I post new lectures. I hope to do one a week.

Comparing the chain-rule to the unified derivative equations

Specifying sparse partials for vectorized components

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