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OpenMDAO V2.10, now get ready for V3.0

OpenMDAO V2.10 is out in the wild now. You can see the docs here. This will be the last major release of OpenMDAO V2.X. In other words, there will be no V2.11.

This is an important release for two reasons:

  1. Lots of good new stuff is in there. Check out the release notes for full details, but here are some highlights:
    • Refactor of the AkimaSplineComp and BsplineComp into a single SplineComp
    • Improvements/slight tweaks to reverse-mode derivatives for distributed components
    • There is a plugin system now (a simple one, but you gotta start somewhere)
    • The N2 viewer now works for models that run in parallel
  2. This release is intended to be a bridge to V3.0. That means that all or the things that are currently deprecated will be actually removed in V3.0. So to get ready for that update, what you need to do is first upgrade to V2.10, then modify your models to get rid of all the deprecation warnings. Then you should be ready to change to V3.0.

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