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Expanding the Leadership Team for OpenMDAO

In 2019 the user base of OpenMDAO grew quite substantially. In order to better support the growing users base, we’re excited to announce a new leadership team for the OpenMDAO project:

  • Rob Falck, Development Team Lead: overseeing the execution of development tasks including feature addition, bug fixes, and technology development for both OpenMDAO and the Dymos library.
  • Eric Hendricks, Application Team Lead: supporting internal NASA users of OpenMDAO and overseeing execution of applications of OpenMDAO at NASA Glenn.
  • Justin Gray, Project Lead: supporting external users of OpenMDAO, designing training materials, and overseeing the overall project.

Most of you have interacted with Justin Gray in the past and you’re more than welcome to continue to do so! However, please also feel free to reach out to Rob or Eric. The three of us will be working in close coordination to manage development, support users, and integrate user feedback into our development pipeline.

Here are some presentations from Eric, Justin, and Rob at the 2019 OpenMDAO workshop:

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