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2019 OpenMDAO Workshop Videos are Online

Thank you to all who attended the workshop in person. The dev team got a lot out of your feedback and insights. We really enjoyed getting to know all of you in person and we’re looking forward to hosting the 2020 workshop and real-life optimal-control experiment (i.e. go-karting)

We’re very sorry for the delay, but due to some paperwork issues it took us until now to get final approval to post these online. So, with no further ado here are all the talks from the 2019 OpenMDAO workshop.

If you didn’t attend the workshop, you might consider watching all of the talks in sequence because a few of the later ones do reference earlier talks a bit. This is especially true for some of the demo talks, but most of the presentations from users do stand alone.

One more note. For 2019 workshop presenters were explicitly asked by the Dev Team to come and present any and all criticism they had about any aspect of the project. The specific goal was to gather the feedback for the Dev team and to open up a channel of communication between the devs and the community. So a number of talks were very frank about things they didn’t like, and the dev team greatly appreciated their candor!

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