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OpenMDAO V3.0 is out

Version 3.0 is a major release, but not because of any massive new functionality. It’s primarily because we removed all the deprecated APIs from V2.10. So that means that this upgrade is definitely going to break some user code out there. But fear not, we’ve provided a handy-dandy upgrade guide for you! It gives side-by-side comparisons of any code you would need to change.

We’ve tried to make the upgrade path as easy as possible for you. So v2.10 and v3.0 are identical in terms of functionality, except for the deprecations. So the best way manage the upgrade is as follows:

  1. Upgrade to V2.10
  2. Run your models and make sure the answers are still correct
  3. Modify your modes to remove all the deprecation warnings you see
  4. Upgrade to V3.0 and re-check that your answers are still correct!

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