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OpenMDAO v1.7.0

OpenMDAO v1.7.0 is now available!

Feel free to ask questions on our Stack Overflow tag if you experience any difficulties.

Here are the release notes for 1.7.0:
OpenMDAO Version 1.7.0 Alpha Release Notes
June 30, 2016

Backwards-Incompatible Change:
1. ‘fd_options’ is now ‘deriv_options’ in systems.
2. New ‘type’ option allows the user to select between analytic, finite difference, or complex step.
3. The ‘force_fd’ option is no longer needed because of type.
4. The ‘complex_step’ choice has been removed from the ‘form’ option.
5. The ‘step_type’ option is now ‘step_calc’.
6. New explicit options ‘check_type’, ‘check_form’, ‘check_step_calc’, and ‘check_step_size’
allow you to control the fd check during check_partial_derivatives.
7. Old code will still work, but will raise deprecation warnings.

* NAS access component
* The output of check_partial_derivatives has been modified so that absolute or
relative errors that exceed a tolerance are flagged with a ‘*’.
The tolerances can be specified via call arguments.
* User can now specify a scaler on any residual by specifying a resid_scaler during add_state.
OpenMDAO see the residual divided by this number.
* A new Model Structure Viewer has been added for viewing the data dependency of your model.
* Updated our Kriging surrogate model based on Sci-kit learn’s Kriging module.
* Added support for parallel DOEs using multiprocessing.
* Converted NREL Tutorial from OpenMDAO 0.1x to OpenMDAO 1.x
* The default Line Search for the Newton solver is now None.
The Backtracking Line Search has been overhauled to use the Armijo-Goldstein for termination.

Bugs fixes:
* Fixed a bug in the lower limiting for state variables.
* Fixed a bug in the KSP solver related to relevance reduction.
* Fixed a bug in fd partials checking.
* Fixed a bug in Radians to Degrees unit conversion.
* Fixed a bug in Newton Backtracking to ignore pass_by_obj variables.
* Fixed where using `abs` in ExecComp expression gave bad derivatives.

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