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OpenMDAO 1.7.1

OpenMDAO v1.7.1 is now available!

Feel free to ask questions on our Stack Overflow tag if you experience any difficulties.

Here are the release notes for 1.7.1:
OpenMDAO Version 1.7.1 Alpha Release Notes
July 18, 2016

* Newton and NLGS solvers now also check for convergence by monitoring the unknown vectors for when it falls below a tolerance `utol`.
* The print_all_convergence function in Problem now has an argument level that lets you choose between:
0 — only display failures
1 — display iteration counts
2 — display residuals each iteration (this is the default)
* Added a SAND example from our users into our Examples section in our documentation.
* Implemented better error handling when user gives too many args to connect.
* Modified linear_system so that its derivatives are solved with an additional LU back-substitution solve_linear.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed bug in relevance checking related to pass_by_obj vars.
* Fixed doc problem where multiple requirements sections listed under Examples on docs main page.
* Fix for keyerror when you have an array scaler on a design variable or constraint and are using SLSQP
(so the return_type for jacobian is array) under full_model fd.
* Non-python files are no longer missing from our distribution.
* Fixed a bug where residual scaling/unscaling was applied to a finite-differenced Jacobian when it shouldn’t be.
* Fixed bug in Newton derivative calculation when containing system is set to ‘fd’ or ‘cs’.
* Fix for Newton when solving a system that has been set to ‘fd’ (or ‘cs’)

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