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OpenMDAO 2.0.x

We here at OpenMDAO have been hard at work writing a completely new version of OpenMDAO. After 1.7.3, we started from a clean slate, and OpenMDAO 2.0.0 is now an all new alpha. OpenMDAO 2.0 is all about performance, especially for smaller scale problems. On our in-house applications we’re seen up to a 10x speed up in performance.

Still Alpha?

We’re still tweaking the APIs a bit and we want you all to be aware of that. One of the reasons we’ve decided to make an official release of 2.0 is so that we could make it it clear when the APIs are changing. Any change in the version number at the second decimal (i.e. a change in the `x` from 2.x.0) will indicate an api change. The API change could be a modification to an existing API, or the addition of new APIs to extended functionality. Once we’re happy with the APIs, the alpha tag will come off.

And now for a bit of housekeeping:

The OpenMDAO 1.7.3 codebase repo has been renamed to OpenMDAO1, and it resides at If you have a clone of this repo, you’ll need to update the URL on your remotes.

The OpenMDAO 2.0.x code has taken the name OpenMDAO,
and it resides at

Installation of 2.0.x code will now work with `pip install openmdao`.

Installation of 1.7.3 code will now only work with a version specifier: `pip install openmdao==1.7.3`

The release notes detail what is in 2.0.0, here’s an excerpt:























To get started, read our documentation at

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