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OpenMDAO v1.6.4

OpenMDAO v1.6.4 is now available!

Feel free to ask questions on our Stack Overflow tag if you experience any difficulties.

Here are the release notes for 1.6.4:

OpenMDAO Version 1.6.4 Alpha Release Notes
May 10, 2016

* User can get more compact output from check_partial_derivatives via `compact_print=True` argument
* User can call alloc_jacobian() to pre-allocate jacobian with correct sizes for everything when jacobian structure is fully dense
* Setup messages, warnings, and errors are now all delayed and given all that the same time, at the end of setup.
* Components can now raise AnalysisError when a component fails to have solver or driver handle the situation cleanly. Note: solvers and drivers need to be written to handle this correctly
* Systems (Groups & Components) will set a _jacobian_changed flag, so that solver can know if they need to do some extra work.
* Pyoptsparse Driver will catch AnalysisError and pass fail-flag to pyopt-sparse.
* Added error msg to top of run and run_once in case force_fd is changed from its setting pre-setup.
* User can call list_params method on a group to get a list of all the parameters that don’t have any src at that level of the hierarchy.
* Add a test support utility function to check for the presence of fd_options[‘force_fd’]=True in a group.
* Added option to DirectSolver to improve performance by manually assembling the Jacobian.
* Added support for caching the LU factorization to the DirectSolver. This is the default option.
* We now raise an error if more than one objective is added to a driver that does not support multiple objectives.
* User can specify a scaler when adding an output or state. That number is internally used to scale the variable in the unknowns vector.
* User can specify a resid_scaler when adding a state. That number is internally used to scale the resids vector.
* Many documentation fixes and improvements.
* Coming in next release, a model structure viewer.
* Coming in next release, a basic profiler.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a sign inconsistency in the derivatives systems with Residuals.
* Fixed error-checking for solver maxiter when there are cycles or states.
* Fixed error message for things that shouldn’t be changed after setup to be more user-friendly.
* Fixed bug when distrib comp used with parallel DOE.

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