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OpenMDAO 1.6.0 Released

OpenMDAO v1.6.0 is now available!
And remember, we are now pip-installable, as we are now indexed on pypi:

Feel free to ask questions on our Stack Overflow tag if you experience any difficulties.

Here are the release notes for 1.6.0:

Backwards-Incompatible Change
*System names must be valid Python names:
Because we add subsystems as attributes of their parent system, the name of each system must be a valid Python name. Otherwise we will raise an exception.

*User now has the ability to call check_total_derivs and have it just do the driver-relevant params/cons/objs instead of every param/unknown in the model.
*Multiple local components are now allowable in a parallel system.
*User can choose to complex step a full model for total derivatives.
*We now account for Jacobian sparsity patern that arises from src_indices connections. This is available for the pyoptsparse driver.
*Documented more of our MPI functionality.
*Added support for File variables.
*Case recorders now save derivative information by default. You can turn this off in the recorder options.
*Pass-by-object connections will now convert units if the object is numeric.
*Now raise an error if a user tries to add the same constraint/param twice.
*Made Brent solver work for when state variable is an element of an array variable.
*Sped up setup of model
*Test nsga2 with pyoptsparse wrapper.
*Added dynamic load balancing option for PredeterminedRunsDriver.
*Removed getitem() function from System class.
*Added complex step example to the FD tutorial.
*Edited paraboloid tutorial and sellar tutorial to include lines where we set initial guesses.

*Components without outputs now allow linearize to return an empty dict ({}).
*User can now specify units for ExecComp values.
*Two_sided_constraints are now supported in ScipyOptimizer.
*Unit conversions were being reported for pass-by-object variables.
*Fixed bug in check_setup when connecting array_src to scalar target.
*Cleared up problems that ExternalComp had with timeout and Windows process termination.
*check_total_derivatives did not work under single_voi_relevance_reduction because the vectors were setup for only fwd or rev.
*DOE des-vars with array variables didn’t work.
*optlatinhypercube was missing the load_balance arg.
*Fixed bug where RBF interpolator returned NaN when a Jacobian is requested at a point in the training set.
*Fixed a bug where finite difference of a group would error out if there was a pass-by-object param or unknown in any sub-component.
*All metamodel training data is now params.
*Bogus unit conversion msg when inputs that share a source have different units.
*Fixed bug where the size of src_indices could exceed the size of the source.

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