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OpenMDAO V3.7.0

Here is the next monthly installment of your favorite show: OpenMDAO Gets New Features

On this episode:

User Defined ExecComp Functions

You can now add register own functions to be used in ExecComp. They can be complex-stepped for derivatives just like normal (or you can mark them as requiring finite-difference instead of you prefer). One of the nice things this will let you do is quickly compose a component that chains several methods together. You can read our thinking on details in POEM 39. Here are the docs for user function registration. If you try this out and have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let the dev team know!

N2 viewer Improvements

If you haven’t looked closely at the N2 for a while you might have missed a number of small improvements over the last few releases. The info tool can be used on components and variables to see values, units, and other metadata. New in V3.7, if you get the info for an exec-comp, you can see the equations that were used to define it.

The info tool for the N2 viewer give a lot of detail on both components and variables

You can also show/hide the solver hierarchy and highlight the design variables/constraints/objective as well.

Show or hide the solver hierarchy, and highlight the driver variables

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