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An open-source framework for efficient multidisciplinary optimization.

Documentation for all OpenMDAO Releases

OpenMDAO is now at the beginning of its 2.x.y-Alpha release series. On this page are links to the documentation from our current release, and from OpenMDAO’s older versions as well.

OpenMDAO 2 & 3

To see documentation from its most recent builds, please visit our current docs page for all versions and/or latest daily builds.

Older Versions

OpenMDAO 1

To see documentation from the stable and usable 1.7.3 (and any other versions of 1.x.y), visit readthedocs. (Other, older 1.x.y versions, are available in the lower-right corner drop-down menu.)

OpenMDAO 0

To see documentation from the 0.x.y days…we’ll, we’d recommend against it, because we no longer support it!  But if you’re dead-set on running the vintage stuff, you can find it deep in our archives.

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