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OpenMDAO v0.6.0 released

OpenMDAO 0.6.0 has been released. Download it today! Here are the release notes:

Backwards Incompatible Change:
A new VarTree variable type has been added to the API, which changes the way VariableTree objects are created in components. Slots are NO LONGER used for VariableTree objects. The change removes the need to add initialization code to components for VariableTrees. New declaration syntax is explained in OpenMDAO docs.

New Features:
No default “top” assembly in GUI projects any more. New projects are now blank, and an assembly must be created manually.
Column choosing and sorting now implemented in properties panels.

Bug Fixes:
Replace method added to component for use with slots in component.
Duplicate client-server communication calls removed when component is clicked.
Variables documentation clarified and improved along with VarTree changes.
Plugin documents work from right-click menu in Library tab.

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