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OpenMDAO releases v0.5.5

OpenMDAO proudly announces the release of version 0.5.5.

Here are the release notes:

–  Can connect to sub-variables of a variable tree, or elements of a 1-D Array, from the GUI
–  Updated project page
–  New Lazy Component base class, for components that want to calculate only connected outputs
–  Edit passthrough window redesigned to support variable trees and arrays
–  Model errors are now reported to the console window, instead of a popup
–  Tabs in component editor windows (inputs, outputs, slots, etc.) are listed in a more sensible order now
–  Variables in the inputs and outputs tabs can now be filtered via a text box in the upper right-hand corner
–  Installation on OSX is now much easier; no longer requires Xcode

API Changes
–  Component check_config function is now called down the whole model hierarchy before any component executes

Bug Fixes
–  Invalidation of i/o now works if you set items of a list or dict (Still does not work for numpy arrays though.)
–  View docs command line and GUI menu option work again
–  Editing files in the GUI, on Windows, with Python 2.6 now works

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