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OpenMDAO v 0.8.0 released!

OpenMDAO version 0.8.0 has been released. There are several things of note that have happened in this release. This is a maintenance release focusing heavily on improving our installation process.

Updating Dependencies
A number of our dependencies were causing some installation trouble for a number of reasons. We’ve updated those packages to the latest versions and changed our dependency download process to use https (vs http).

We have updated our versions of:
virtualenv to 1.9.1
setuptools to 0.9.5
pyzmq to 13.1.0

Supported Python Versions
The adoption of these newer versions has led us to no longer support Python2.6. If you are on a platform such as RedHat that for some reason is pegged to 2.6, you can still easily install Python2.7 separately alongside Python2.6, with 2.7 as the non-default Python; then run our install by explicitly calling “python2.7”

Supported Platforms Updated
We have also been updating the platforms on which we regularly run our automated tests. As of this release, we have started testing on the most recent three Ubuntu distributions: Ubuntu Pangolin, Quetzal and Ringtail. We have dropped testing on the prior three distributions: Meerkat, Narwhal and Ocelot. Our intent is to start adding supported platforms using some of the popular scientific distributions like Enthought, Python(x,y) and possibly Anaconda.

For more details of the release, check out the release notes. If you have any questions, please address those to us in our forums!

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