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External Contribution from Dr. Young-Ki Lee

Dr. Young Ki Lee, of the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has earned the distinction of becoming the very first external contributor to the OpenMDAO project. Dr. Lee sent a pull request for a bug fix having to do with CSV case recorder that he both identified and repaired. View his fix on github. Dr. Lee gets extra credit for adding a new test to check for this bug and make sure the fix works. This bug fix was merged into the codebase, and all the tests passed! His fix will be released with the next version of OpenMDAO.

This is not the first external contribution to OpenMDAO project, but all previous contributions had been to our plugins repository. It’s the first external contribution to the core OpenMDAO source. We think it’s awesome that OpenMDAO has been useful for his research at Georgia Tech and that he took the time to find and fix the bug.

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