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In-person OpenMDAO Workshop October 24/25

The OpenMDAO workshop is returning to the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio on October 24-25th. Signup for a seat now! We have a few open slots for external presentations, and you can propose a topic when you sign up.

This is an opportunity for users and developers to meet and have conversations about the next steps for OpenMDAO development, the capabilities you’d like to see added to the toolbox, and the challenges you’re facing with your current implementations. In our first workshop we presented some of the new tools we were building and the POEM process for how the community could interact with the Dev team and propose upgrades. The world got in the way of holding follow up in-person annual workshops, but we did host a 2020 reverse hackathon to maintain links to the community and get a better sense of the kinds or problems that you were facing. These were great opportunities for you, our valued users, to give the Dev team feedback on areas we could work on improving.

For this next in-person workshop we’d like to present you with some of the new tools we’ve built in the last four years and new training resources we are creating for you. Additionally, we want to hear from you about what stumbling blocks exist in your organizations that are preventing OpenMDAO usage. We also want to hear from our users about the cool new things you’re building in OpenMDAO and what are your biggest challenges to adopting OpenMDAO internal to your organization.

We look forward to seeing you in Cleveland to be a part of the OM community!

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