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2022 OpenMDAO Workshop — Now with more Mphys!

With the OpenMDAO community converging (pun intended!) on NASA Glenn Research Center for the
OpenMDAO Workshop, the Mphys community will be using the opportunity to hold a one day workshop on Oct. 26th. That is ​immediately following the OpenMDAO Workshop on October 24th and 25th.
Mphys is a collaboratively developed OpenMDAO library which is tackling
one of the major barriers to wider adoption of high-fidelity MDAO:
modularity through standardized interfaces for the coupling of multiphysics problems.

The Mphys Workshop will be an opportunity to learn more about multiphysics optimization and see the types of problems people are applying it to.
It will also be a chance to participate in the planning for the next steps of Mphys development.

Whether you’ve been collaborating with us on Mphys for years or will be new to Mphys,
we’re looking forward to seeing you there! Register here.
If you are not able to join us in person, we are planning to have a virtual attendance option.
Stay tuned for more information on that


8:00am – Refreshments
8:30am – Welcome
8:45am – State of OpenMDAO development – Visualization Tools / N2, Reporting System (
9:45am – State of OpenMDAO development – Improvements to Interpolators & Why not to use Piecewise Linear
10:00am – Break
10:15am – State of Dymos development – New Dymos Features
10:45am – Model-Based Systems Analysis & Engineering (MBSA&E) Effort and vision / overview
11:30am – Training resources being developed
12:00pm to 12:15pm – Lunch Starts
1:15pm – Poems, critical ones being worked on (#69 + others)
1:30pm – NREL uses of OpenMDAO – Aadil Latif
2:00pm – AFRL/QUAD Aero-Propulsion system optimization
2:30pm – AFRL Effectiveness-Based Design: Current Work and Future Challenges
3:00pm – AFRL – creating a PTMS tool in OpenMDAO
3:30pm – Break
3:45pm – ONERA – FAST-OAD and WhatsOpt
4:15pm – Community Needs Discussion
5:00pm – End of Day 1

Day 1 Evening:
6:00pm – Dinner and Board Games at TableTop Cafe Event

Day 2 Morning:
8:00am – Refreshments
8:30am – Welcome
8:45am – UMich Presentations – broad view of theory, applications, and future MDO Lab work
9:15am – UMich Presentations – OpenConcept
9:45am – UMich Presentations – OpenMDAO Solver Development / aeropropulsive work for Thesis
10:15am – Break + Exchange Store for Swag
10:45am – UMich Presentations – aeroacoustic optimization of eVTOL vehicles
11:15am – MPhys Overview that will include MDO Lab contributions
11:45am – Open Discussion
12:00pm to 12:15pm – Lunch Starts
1:15pm – Iowa State University – OpenMDAO & GMAT Integration
1:45pm – University of Memphis – Design of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
2:15pm – Structural and Topology Optimization Applications from Georgia Tech
2:45pm – Cornell – Design Optimization of Offshore Systems
3:15pm – Break
3:30pm – Open Discussion
5:00pm – End of Day 2

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