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OpenMDAO V3.3.0 released

OpenMDAO V3.3.0 is live. You can read the release notes for full details, but the major new feature in this release is the ability to query for input/output metadata from within the configure method. This introspection feature allows you to build much more reactive groups that can update themselves based on data from their children. For example, you can look at the size of an output in one component, then create tell some other component to create an input of the same size.

With this update, you now have a lot of flexibility in the way you build models. Groups now have two key methods that are used in model building setup and configure. setup is a top-down recursion where you can construct your model hierarchy. configure is a bottom-up recursion where you can inspect your children and then make changes to the I/O of other children accordingly.

We’ll be making good use of this new feature in a new version of Dymos in the very near future! We hope you find the feature useful too.

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