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OpenMDAO V2.9.0

The V2.9 release is live now, and it is a fairly substantial release. Most of the stuff is subtle changes or under the hood improvements, but taken as a whole there is a lot in this release.

See the release notes for full details, but here are some highlights:

  • Metamodel visualization via the openmdao mm_view command line tool (you really should check this one out!)
  • A whole bunch of small solver improvements
  • Modest improvements to the CaseRecorder functionality to make it work just like the problem interface (e.g. get_val and set_val methods)
  • Efficiency improvements in reverse mode data transfers and derivatives solves with the DirectSolver
  • Big efficiency improvements to StructuredMetaModel

There are also a few backwards incompatible api changes as well. We’ve deprecated things wherever we could to (hopefully) make it as painless as possible for you all.

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