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OpenMDAO v 0.4.0 Released!

Important Note:

Unfortunately, GitHub made a backwards incompatible change to their API recently. We’ve been relying on their API for our plugin install tools. The change has been addressed, and plugin installation works again in 0.4.0, but it is broken for all previous versions of OpenMDAO. You can still use plugins in older versions, but you need to go to GitHub and download the tar.gz files yourself and then point to them for the plugin install.

New Features:

– History in command window can be accessed with up/down arrows

– Create passthrough variables for an assembly via a right-click

– Re-write of the MetaModel component to accommodate GUI usage. New Docs added to show usage.

– Model saving now happens automatically in GUI, with optional checkpoint/reverting from file menu

– GUI support for instantiating objects with arguments to the constructor

– Support for displaying variable trees in the inputs/outputs panel of component editor in GUI

– Support for “adding events to driver” in GUI. Users can now finish MetaModel tutorial problem through GUI

– Added A FloatKrigingSurrogate class that works same as KrigingSurrogate, except returns a float instead of a NormalDistribution

– Users can expand and collapse workflows in the Workflows tab

– Can pass either an instance or a class to the slot. If instance is passed, then that is used as the default value.

– Can rename files from the file tree

– CSV case recorders work in GUI now. New option added to cause them to archive older output files on successive runs.

– Documentation is now contained locally for all OpenMDAO releases (instead of relying on the web-versions at

Bug Fixes:

– Users can no longer create components with names from the math library

– Major Fix to the plugin installer to deal with Github API change

– Errors that are logged to the console windows no longer show up twice

– Can no longer create passthroughs on variables that are blocked by connections or pointed to by parameters in drivers

– Can no longer create connection to variable that is pointed to by a parameter

– Fixed bug in text editor on OSX machines that caused text not to show up until you scrolled around

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