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OpenMDAO v 0.2.7 Released!

This new release has several features, many of which are related to the rapidly-evolving GUI.  Among the highlights for this release are:

Framework changes:

  • Printvars support added to CaseIteratorDriver
  • Two new differentiators added. Note that they are still experimental and may not work for all models.
  1. Chain Rule differentiator that implements forward algorithmic differentiation on a general workflow
  2. Analytic differentiator that calculates the derivatives of a general workflow by assembling and solving a set of linear equations. This works for solver loops (coupled sensitivities) and can be executed in both forward and adjoint mode.
  • Various bug fixes.

GUI Improvements:

  • In the GUI’s dataflow, objects can now be expanded/contracted in-place with ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.
  • The entire connection editor was overhauled and improved.  Users can now select variable names from a drop-down menu in that dialog.
  • Projects are now scanned when loaded and items are auto-imported on demand.
  • A type-ahead box was added to filter the list of available types in the library pane.
  • Users can now drag-and-drop new components from library into workflow tab.
  • Users can now upload multiple files at once or can drag and drop files into the file pane.
  • The code editor now launches into an independent window.
  • The assembly dataflow now renders connections between components and assembly variables.
  • Right-clicking on a class in the library now gives users the option to view the class’s docs or metadata.
  • Several bug fixes and clean-ups.

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