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OpenMDAO Papers for Scitech 2019

There are several new papers, published for Scitech 2019, that used OpenMDAO as a tool to reach their conclusions, that we wanted to share.  Here are seven OpenMDAO-related works that you may find interesting:

Battery performance modeling on sceptor x-57 subject to thermal and transient considerations,” by authors J. Chin, S. L. Schnulo, T. Miller, K. Prokopius, and J. S. Gray

Gradient-based propeller optimization with acoustic constraints,” by authors D. J. Ingraham, J. S. Gray, and L. V. Lopes.

Multi-point design and optimization of a turboshaft engine for tiltwing turboelectric vtol air taxi,”  by author J. W. Chapman.

Optimal control within the context of multidisciplinary design, analysis, and optimization,” by authors R. D. Falck and J. S. Gray.

Load flow analysis with analytic derivatives for electric aircraft design optimization,” by authors E. S. Hendricks, J. W. Chapman, and E. Artskin-Hariton.

Multipoint variable cycle engine design using gradient-based optimization,” by authorsJ. P. Jasa, J. S. Gray, J. A. Seidel, C. A. Mader, and J. R. R. A. Martins.

A Mixed Integer Efficient Global Optimization Algorithm with Multiple Infill Strategy – Applied to a Wing Topology Optimization Problem,” by authors S. Roy, Willam A. Crossley, B. K. Stanford, K. T. Moore, and J. S. Gray.

If you liked these, and want to see all publications related to OpenMDAO, check out our publications page.

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