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OpenMDAO, Now In Anaconda

A lot of our users also use Anaconda, and until now, we didn’t support installation into Anaconda.  But as of today, we are rolling out our first effort at making OpenMDAO installable into an Anaconda environment.  This is part of an attempt to make our installation process faster and easier.  Since we have only tried it and tested it in the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms that we have available, you may encounter some troubles (or not), and we encourage you to come to the forums to let us know what setup you have and what degree of success you have with the Anaconda installation.

Caveat: Thanks to a bug in Traits (we’ve put in a bug report and await a new version), we can’t currently support an Anaconda install on a Windows2012_64bit installation unless you’re using a 32-bit Anaconda installed on the 64-bit architecture.  We will announce when that problem is resolved for our 64-bit Windows users.

As of this posting, you can choose to use Anaconda to install the development version of OpenMDAO (for the brave, this method may have some kinks), or the 0.12.0 release version (the more stable of the two methods).  Documentation for attempting this install is currently only in our dev-docs:

Anaconda Installation

We wish you luck, and hope that this makes OpenMDAO easier to install and use than ever.

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