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OpenMDAO 2.4.0 Released!

Release Notes for OpenMDAO 2.4.0

August 1, 2018

New Features:
– Better error message when upper and lower have the wrong shape for add_design_var and add_constraint methods.
– pyOptSparseDriver now runs the initial condition for ALPSO and NSGA-II optimizers.
– Normalization in EQConstraintComp and BalanceComp is now optional.

– New Components in the standard library:
– VectorMagnitudeComp

– New Solvers in the standard library:
– BroydenSolver

– New CaseRecording/CaseReading Features:
.load_case() method lets you pull values from a case back into the problem.
– Updated the Case recording format for better performance.
– User can call .record_iteration() to save specific cases.
Recording options for this method are separate from driver/solver options.
This is so you can record one (or more) cases manually with *ALL* the variables in it if you want to.

Backwards-Incompatible API Changes:
– The input and output vectors are now put into read-only modes within certain component methods.
NOTE: This REALLY REALLY should not break anyone’s models, but it is technically a backwards-incompatible change…
If you were changing values in these arrays when you shouldn’t have been, you’re going to get an error now.
Fix it… the new error is enforcing correct behavior.
If it was working before, you got lucky.

Bug Fixes:
– Various small bug fixes to check_partials and check_totals.
– ArmijoGoldstein linesearch iteration counter works correctly now.
– The record_derivatives recorder_option now actually does something!

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