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OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha is Coming

We are going to release OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha on July 22. This release is a massive re-write of the OpenMDAO framework. The rewrite yielded a reduction of our code base to around 5000 lines of code, sped it up, and simplified a lot of the underlying complexity that had been causing users a lot of trouble. Of course, progress often comes at a cost. So OpenMDAO 1.0 is going to be backwards incompatible with all the older versions of OpenMDAO (0.13.0 and older). We’ll keep the older versions around, including all the docs, and we’ll still provide some support for them as well. But moving forward, all of our development and our own model building will be on the new version.

In preparation for the new release, we’ll be updating our website and getting new docs out there. So you’ll start to see some changes to the website in the next week, talking about the alpha and moving things around to provide links to the older content so you can still get to it if you need it.

We’ll be getting out much more information when we make the actual release, so stay tuned.

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