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Congrats to the 2019 AIAA-MDO Student Paper Competition Winners!

The NASA OpenMDAO development team would like to congratulate the 2019 AIAA Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Technical Committee student paper competition winners!

1) Anil Yildirim: Aeropropulsive Design Optimization of a Boundary Layer Ingestion System

2) Sicheng He: A Coupled Newton-Krylov Time Spectral Solver for Wing Flutter and LCO Prediction

3) Payam Ghassemi: Adaptive Model Refinement with Batch Bayesian Sampling for Optimization of Bio-inspired Flow Tailoring´╗┐

See you next year!

For Aviation 2020, there will be another student paper competition. Again, first prize will be $2000, second prize will be $1000, and third prize will be $500. If you’re thinking of submitting your work to that, you should definitely have a look at these papers!

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