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OpenMDAO 2.2.0 Released

OpenMDAO 2.2.0 was released today. Documentation for this version can be found here. If you have any trouble with the release, feel free to contact us for support via our Stack Overflow tag, “openmdao.”

Release Notes for OpenMDAO 2.2.0

February 9, 2018

New Features:
– `DirectSolver` now tells you which row or column is singular when it gets a singluar matrix error.
– `ScipyOptimizeDriver` now handles linear constraints more efficiently by only computing them one time.
– Added the `openmdao` command line script to allow for model checking, visualization, and profiling without making modifications to the run script.
– Added a `SimpleGADriver` with a basic genetic algorithm implementation.
– Added a `MetaModelStructured` component with a interpolative method.
– New option for derivative calculations: Simultaneous derivatives, useful when you have totally disjoint Jacobians (e.g. diagonal Jacobians).
– Automatic coloring algorithm added to compute the valid coloring scheme for simultaneous derivatives.
– `list_outputs` method updated with new display options, ability to filter variables by residual value, ability to change sorting scheme, and ability to display unit details.
– openmdao citation helper added to the `openmdao` command line script, making it easy to generate the correct bibtex citations based on which classes are being used.
– `NewtonSolver` modified so that maxiter=0 case now will compute residuals, but not do a linear solve (useful for debugging nonlinear errors).

Backwards-Compatible API Changes:
– Changed `ScipyOptimizer` to `ScipyOptimizeDriver` for consistency (deprecated older class).
– Renamed `MetaModel` to `MetaModelUnstructured` to allow for new structured interpolant (deprecated old class).
– Renamed `PetscKSP` to `PETScKrylov` for consistency. (deprecated old class).
– Renamed `ScipyIterativeSolver` to `ScipyKrylov` for consistency. (deprecated old class).

Backwards-Incompatible API changes:
– CaseRecorder now uses variables’ promoted names for storing and accessing data.
– Removed `DeprecatedComp` from codebase.
– `list_residuals` method on Groups and Components removed.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed error check for duplicate connections to a single input from multiple levels of the hierarchy

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