View Driver Scaling Information#

View Driver Scaling Information from a Script#

You can generate a driver scaling report from within a script by calling the scaling_report method on your driver after all design variables, objectives, and constraints are declared and the problem has been set up.

openmdao.core.driver.Driver.scaling_report(self, outfile='driver_scaling_report.html', title=None, show_browser=True, jac=True)

Generate a self-contained html file containing a detailed connection viewer.

Optionally pops up a web browser to view the file.

outfilestr, optional

The name of the output html file. Defaults to ‘driver_scaling_report.html’.

titlestr, optional

Sets the title of the web page.

show_browserbool, optional

If True, pop up a browser to view the generated html file. Defaults to True.


If True, show jacobian information.


Data used to create html file.

View Driver Scaling Information from Command Line#

The openmdao scaling command generates an html file containing driver scaling information. For more in-depth documentation, see openmdao scaling.