Profiling and Tracing

The profiling and call tracing tools mentioned above have a similar programmatic interface, even though most of the time they will only be used in command-line mode. However, if you really want to customize the set of methods that are to be profiled or traced, see the following example.

# for performance profiling
from openmdao.devtools import iprofile as tool
# OR for call tracing
# from openmdao.devtools import itrace as tool

# First, make sure that the classes I use to define my method set exist in this
# namespace.
from mystuff import MyClass, MyOtherClass

# Let's say I only want to track methods with 'foo' or 'bar' in the name that belong to
# MyClass and ones with 'baz' in the name that belong to either MyClass or MyOtherClass.
# I use the following glob patterns and tuples of classes to specify this.
methods = [
    ('*foo*', (MyClass,)),
    ('*bar*', (MyClass,)),
    ('*baz*', (MyClass, MyOtherClass))

# set up the tool using my custom method set


# run the code I want to profile/trace...


# do some other stuff that I don't want to profile/trace...