Source code for openmdao.util.wrkpool

import atexit
import logging
import Queue
import threading
import traceback

[docs]class WorkerPool(object): """ Pool of worker threads; grows as necessary. """ _lock = threading.Lock() _pool = None # Singleton. def __init__(self): self._idle = [] # Queues of idle workers. self._workers = {} # Maps queue to worker. atexit.register(self.cleanup) @staticmethod
[docs] def get_instance(): """ Return singleton instance. """ with WorkerPool._lock: if WorkerPool._pool is None: WorkerPool._pool = WorkerPool() return WorkerPool._pool
[docs] def cleanup(): """ Cleanup resources (worker threads). """ WorkerPool.get_instance()._cleanup()
def _cleanup(self): """ Cleanup resources (worker threads). """ with self._lock: for queue in self._workers: queue.put((None, None, None, None)) self._workers[queue].join(1) if self._workers[queue].is_alive(): logging.debug('WorkerPool: worker join timed-out.') try: self._idle.remove(queue) except ValueError: pass # Never released due to some other issue... self._idle = [] self._workers = {} @staticmethod
[docs] def get(one_shot=False): """ Get a worker queue from the pool. Work requests should be of the form: ``(callable, *args, **kwargs, reply_queue)`` Work replies are of the form: ``(queue, retval, exc, traceback)`` one_shot: bool If True, the worker will self-release after processing one request. """ return WorkerPool.get_instance()._get(one_shot)
def _get(self, one_shot): """ Get a worker queue from the pool. """ with self._lock: try: return self._idle.pop() except IndexError: queue = Queue.Queue() worker = threading.Thread(target=self._service_loop, args=(queue, one_shot)) worker.daemon = True worker.start() self._workers[queue] = worker return queue @staticmethod
[docs] def release(queue): """ Release a worker queue back to the pool. queue: Queue Worker queue previously obtained from :meth:`get`. """ return WorkerPool.get_instance()._release(queue)
def _release(self, queue): """ Release a worker queue back to the pool. """ with self._lock: self._idle.append(queue) def _service_loop(self, request_q, one_shot): """ Get (callable, args, kwargs) from request_q and queue result. """ while True: callable, args, kwargs, reply_q = request_q.get() if callable is None: request_q.task_done() return # Shutdown. exc = None trace = None retval = None try: retval = callable(*args, **kwargs) except Exception as exc: # Sometimes we have issues at shutdown. try: trace = traceback.format_exc() except Exception: #pragma no cover return request_q.task_done() if reply_q is not None: reply_q.put((request_q, retval, exc, trace)) if one_shot: self._release(request_q)
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