Source code for openmdao.util.graphplot

import os
import sys
import shutil
import json
import tempfile
import webbrowser
import pprint

from networkx.readwrite.json_graph import node_link_data

_excluded_node_data = set([

_excluded_link_data = set([

_excluded_tooltip_data = set([

def _to_id(name):
    """Convert a given name to a valid html id, replacing
    dots with hyphens."""
    return name.replace('.', '-')

def _clean_graph(graph, excludes=(), scope=None, parent=None, minimal=False):
    """Return a cleaned version of the graph. Note that this
    should not be used for really large graphs because it
    copies the entire graph.
    # make a subgraph, creating new edge/node meta dicts later if
    # we change anything
    graph = graph.subgraph(graph.nodes_iter())

    if parent is None:
        graph.graph['title'] = 'unknown'
        name = parent.get_pathname()
        if hasattr(parent, 'workflow'):
            name += '._derivative_graph'
            name += '._depgraph'
        graph.graph['title'] = name

    if excludes:
        excluded_vars = set(excludes)
        excluded_vars = set()

    conns = graph.list_connections()

    conn_nodes = set([u.split('[', 1)[0] for u, v in conns])
    conn_nodes.update([v.split('[', 1)[0] for u, v in conns])

    nodes_to_remove = []
    for node, data in graph.nodes_iter(data=True):
        cmpname, _, nodvar = node.partition('.')
        if node in excluded_vars or nodvar in excluded_vars:
        elif 'framework_var' in data:
            if minimal and '@' not in node and '~' not in node and not 'comp' in data:
                degree = graph.in_degree(node) + graph.out_degree(node)
                if degree < 2:
            # update node metadata
            newdata = data
            for meta in _excluded_node_data:
                if meta in newdata:
                    if newdata is data:
                        newdata = dict(data)  # make a copy of metadata since we're changing it
                        graph.node[node] = newdata
                    del newdata[meta]
            tt_dct = {}
            for key, val in newdata.items():
                if key not in _excluded_tooltip_data:
                    tt_dct[key] = val
                elif scope is not None and key == 'pseudo':
                    if val == 'objective':
                        newdata['objective'] = getattr(scope, node)._orig_expr
                    elif val == 'constraint':
                        newdata['constraint'] = getattr(scope, node)._orig_expr
            newdata['title'] = pprint.pformat(tt_dct)


    for u, v, data in graph.edges_iter(data=True):
        newdata = data
        for meta in _excluded_link_data:
            if meta in newdata:
                if newdata is data:
                    newdata = dict(data)
                    graph.edge[u][v] = newdata
                del newdata[meta]

        for i, comp in enumerate(graph.component_graph()):
            graph.node[comp]['color_idx'] = i
    except AttributeError:

    # add some extra metadata to make things easier on the
    # javascript side
    for node, data in graph.nodes_iter(data=True):
        parts = node.split('.', 1)
        data['full'] = node
        if len(parts) == 1 or node.startswith('parent.'):
            data['short'] = node
            data['short'] = parts[1]
                data['color_idx'] = graph.node[parts[0]]['color_idx']
            except KeyError:

    return graph

[docs]def plot_graph(graph, scope=None, parent=None, excludes=(), d3page='fixedforce.html', minimal=False): """Open up a display of the graph in a browser window.""" tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp() fdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)) shutil.copy(os.path.join(fdir, 'd3.js'), tmpdir) shutil.copy(os.path.join(fdir, d3page), tmpdir) graph = _clean_graph(graph, excludes=excludes, scope=scope, parent=parent, minimal=minimal) data = node_link_data(graph) tmp = data.get('graph', []) data['graph'] = [dict(tmp)] startdir = os.getcwd() os.chdir(tmpdir) try: # write out the json as a javascript var # so we we're not forced to start our own webserver # to avoid cross-site issues with open('__graph.js', 'w') as f: f.write("__mygraph__json = ") json.dump(data, f) f.write(";\n") # open URL in web browser wb = webbrowser.get()'file://'+os.path.join(tmpdir, d3page)) except Exception as err: print str(err) finally: os.chdir(startdir) print "remember to remove temp directory '%s'" % tmpdir # time.sleep(5) # sleep to give browser time # to read files before we remove them # shutil.rmtree(tmpdir) # print "temp directory removed"
[docs]def plot_graphs(obj, recurse=False, d3page='fixedforce.html', minimal=False): """Return a list of tuples of the form (scope, parent, graph)""" from openmdao.main.assembly import Assembly from openmdao.main.driver import Driver if isinstance(obj, Assembly): try: plot_graph(obj._depgraph, scope=obj, parent=obj, d3page=d3page, minimal=minimal) except Exception as err: print "Can't plot depgraph of '%s': %s" % (, str(err)) if recurse: plot_graphs(obj.driver, recurse) elif isinstance(obj, Driver): try: plot_graph(obj.workflow.derivative_graph(), scope=obj.parent, parent=obj, d3page=d3page, minimal=minimal) except Exception as err: print "Can't plot deriv graph of '%s': %s" % (, str(err)) if recurse: for comp in obj.iteration_set(): if isinstance(comp, Assembly) or isinstance(comp, Driver): plot_graphs(comp, recurse)
[docs]def main(): from argparse import ArgumentParser import inspect from openmdao.main.assembly import Assembly, set_as_top parser = ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument('-m', '--module', action='store', dest='module', metavar='MODULE', help='name of module that contains the class to be instantiated and graphed') parser.add_argument('-c', '--class', action='store', dest='klass', help='boolean expression to filter hosts') parser.add_argument('-r', '--recurse', action='store_true', dest='recurse', help='if set, recurse down and plot all dependency and derivative graphs') options = parser.parse_args() if options.module is None: parser.print_help() sys.exit(-1) __import__(options.module) mod = sys.modules[options.module] if options.klass: obj = getattr(mod, options.klass)() else: def isasm(obj): return issubclass(obj, Assembly) klasses = inspect.getmembers(mod, isasm) if len(klasses) > 1: print "found %d Assembly classes. pick one" % len(klasses) for i, klass in enumerate(klasses): print "%d) %s" % (i, klass.__name__) var = raw_input("\nEnter a number: ") obj = klasses[int(var)] set_as_top(obj) if not obj.get_pathname(): = 'top' plot_graphs(obj, recurse=options.recurse)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()
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