Source code for openmdao.util.filexfer

import fnmatch
import glob
import os
import sys
import zipfile

from openmdao.util.log import NullLogger

[docs]def filexfer(src_server, src_path, dst_server, dst_path, mode='', set_permissions=True): """ Transfer a file from one place to another. If `src_server` or `dst_server` is None, then the :mod:`os` module is used for the source or destination respectively. Otherwise the respective object must support :meth:`open`, :meth:`stat`, and :meth:`chmod`. After the copy has completed, permission bits from :meth:`stat` are set via :meth:`chmod`. src_server: Proxy Host to get file from. src_path: string Path to file on `src_server`. dst_server: Proxy Host to put file to. dst_path: string Path to file on `dst_server`. mode: string Mode settings for :func:`open`, not including 'r' or 'w'. set_permissions: bool If ``True`` then permissions of `src_path` are set on `dst_path`. """ if src_server is None: src_file = open(src_path, 'r'+mode) else: src_file =, 'r'+mode) try: if dst_server is None: dst_file = open(dst_path, 'w'+mode) else: dst_file =, 'w'+mode) if src_server is None and dst_server is None: chunk = 1 << 20 # 1MB locally. else: chunk = 1 << 17 # 128KB over network. try: data = while data: dst_file.write(data) data = finally: dst_file.close() finally: src_file.close() if set_permissions: if src_server is None: mode = os.stat(src_path).st_mode else: mode = src_server.stat(src_path).st_mode if dst_server is None: os.chmod(dst_path, mode) else: dst_server.chmod(dst_path, mode)
[docs]def pack_zipfile(patterns, filename, logger=None): """ Create 'zip' file `filename` of files in `patterns`. Returns ``(nfiles, nbytes)``. patterns: list List of :mod:`fnmatch` style patterns. filename: string Name of zip file to create. logger: Logger Used for recording progress. .. note:: The code uses :meth:`glob.glob` to process `patterns`. It does not check for the existence of any matches. """ logger = logger or NullLogger() # Scan to see if we have to use zip64 flag. nbytes = 0 for pattern in patterns: for path in glob.glob(pattern): nbytes += os.path.getsize(path) zip64 = nbytes > zipfile.ZIP64_LIMIT compression = zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED nfiles = 0 nbytes = 0 with zipfile.ZipFile(filename, 'w', compression, zip64) as zipped: for pattern in patterns: for path in glob.glob(pattern): size = os.path.getsize(path) logger.debug("packing '%s' (%d)...", path, size) zipped.write(path) nfiles += 1 nbytes += size return (nfiles, nbytes)
[docs]def unpack_zipfile(filename, logger=None, textfiles=None): """ Unpack 'zip' file `filename`. Returns ``(nfiles, nbytes)``. filename: string Name of zip file to unpack. logger: Logger Used for recording progress. textfiles: list List of :mod:`fnmatch` style patterns specifying which unpacked files are text files possibly needing newline translation. If not supplied, the first 4KB of each is scanned for a zero byte. If none is found, then the file is assumed to be a text file. """ logger = logger or NullLogger() # ZipInfo.create_system code for local system. local_system = 0 if sys.platform == 'win32' else 3 nfiles = 0 nbytes = 0 with zipfile.ZipFile(filename, 'r') as zipped: for info in zipped.infolist(): filename, size = info.filename, info.file_size logger.debug('unpacking %r (%d)...', filename, size) zipped.extract(info) if sys.platform != 'win32': # Set permissions, extract() doesn't. rwx = (info.external_attr >> 16) & 0777 if rwx: os.chmod(filename, rwx) # Only if something valid. # Requires mismatched systems. if info.create_system != local_system: # pragma no cover if textfiles is None: with open(filename, 'rb') as inp: data = << 12) if '\0' not in data: logger.debug('translating %r...', filename) translate_newlines(filename) else: for pattern in textfiles: if fnmatch.fnmatch(filename, pattern): logger.debug('translating %r...', filename) translate_newlines(filename) nfiles += 1 nbytes += size return (nfiles, nbytes)
[docs]def translate_newlines(filename): """ Translate the newlines of `filename` to the local standard. filename: string Name of the file to be translated. The translated file will replace this file. """ with open(filename, 'rU') as inp: with open('__translated__', 'w') as out: for line in inp: out.write(line) os.remove(filename) os.rename('__translated__', filename)
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