Source code for openmdao.util.astutil

import ast

def parse_ast(contents, fname, mode='exec'):
[docs] """Wrapper for ast.parse() that cleans the contents of CRs and ensures it ends with a newline.""" contents = contents.replace('\r', '') # py26 barfs on CRs if not contents.endswith('\n'): contents += '\n' # to make ast.parse happy :( return ast.parse(contents, filename=fname, mode=mode) def text_to_node(text, lineno=None):
[docs] """Given a Python source string, return the corresponding AST node. The outer Module node is removed so that the node corresponding to the given text can be added to an existing AST. """ modnode = ast.parse(text, 'exec') if len(modnode.body) == 1: node = modnode.body[0] else: node = modnode.body # If specified, fixup line numbers. if lineno is not None: node.lineno = lineno node.col_offset = 0 for child in ast.iter_child_nodes(node): child.lineno = lineno child.col_offset = 0 return node
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