Source code for openmdao.solvers.linear.linear_runonce

"""Define the LinearRunOnce class."""

from openmdao.solvers.linear.linear_block_gs import LinearBlockGS

[docs]class LinearRunOnce(LinearBlockGS): """ Simple linear solver that performs a single iteration of Guass-Seidel. This is done without iteration or norm calculation. """ SOLVER = 'LN: RUNONCE'
[docs] def solve(self, vec_names, mode, rel_systems=None): """ Run the solver. Parameters ---------- vec_names : [str, ...] List of names of the right-hand-side vectors. mode : str 'fwd' or 'rev'. rel_systems : set of str Names of systems relevant to the current solve. """ self._vec_names = vec_names self._mode = mode self._rel_systems = rel_systems self._update_rhs_vecs() # Single iteration of GS self._single_iteration()
def _declare_options(self): """ Declare options before kwargs are processed in the init method. """ super(LinearRunOnce, self)._declare_options() # Remove unused options from base options here, so that users # attempting to set them will get KeyErrors. self.options.undeclare("atol") self.options.undeclare("rtol") # this solver does not iterate self.options.undeclare("maxiter") self.options.undeclare("err_on_maxiter") # Deprecated option. self.options.undeclare("err_on_non_converge")