Developer Docs (if you’re going to contribute code)

Developer install

Use git to clone the repository:

git clone

Use pip to install openmdao locally:

cd OpenMDAO

pip install -e .


The -e option tells pip to install directly from your repository. This is very useful when you’re developing because when you change the code or pull new commits down from GitHub you don’t necessarily need to re-run pip.

Building the Docs

You can read the docs on line, so it is not necessary to build the them on your local machine. But if you’re going to build new features or add new examples, you’ll want to build the docs locally while you write them.

cd openmdao/docs

make all

This will build the docs in openmdao/docs/_build/html.

Then, just open openmdao/docs/_build/html/index.html in a browser to begin.

Automating Documentation Build/Transfer